January 29th, 2017


Harry Sacksioni

Harry Sacksioni (born 23 October 1950 in Amsterdam) is a composer and guitar virtuoso of Dutch origin. The peak of his fame was during the 1970s, some famous works of this period include Meta Sequoia, Vensters, Elixer and Thee bij tante Josephine, along with re-arrangements of existing pieces, such as Anji (Davy Graham), I Wish (Stevie Wonder) and Scarborough Fair (arr. Paul Simon). Sacksioni's work is mainly instrumental, although some more recent works are accompanied.

Sacksioni's work is not commercially motivated, and as a result, he is not featured often in the mainstream media. His records appear under an independent label as a protest against the high prices of CDs. Sacksioni often uses several different guitars during a concert. When touring, he chooses instruments from his collection of acoustic and electric guitars to suit the venue and programme. He plays both 6 and 12-string guitars. An unusual guitar of his is a hand-built double guitar: one half is electric and the other half is acoustic. Sacksioni lives in Lienden, Netherlands.

Harry Sacksioni was awarded the Order of Orange-Nassau, decorated by Klaas Tammes, mayor of the municipality of Buren, during a concert in the Agnietenhof in Tiel on 9 May 2009.